Ever since I started getting serious about photography my sister in-law has been my biggest supporter.   She encourages me to try new things and is always willing to be my guinea pig when I want to practice.   When I think I can’t, she slaps me and says, “Yes you can, lets go practice!”  She is my cheerleader and biggest fan.  Thanks for believing in me sis,  I love you!!!!PINIT

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  • Giao Linh - Amanda, at first when I participated in these photo shoots with you I felt I was just helping out my sister. I never realized that I was witnessing the beginning of something very special. I am so lucky that you took my pictures. You made me look awesome and it was fun at the same time!

    I have seen how much you have grown in every shoot. It is easy to believe in you and your abilities because of your work ethic and passion. They are always high and unstoppable.

    In this particular shoot it was just you me and your camera. Nothing fancy or complicated. The entire time I was just having fun because you made it feel casual and comfortable. We laughed and giggled so much that it was hard not to have fun! I enjoyed it so much, thank you. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to keep your creativity in control because when you get going you never stop. I was worn out after this session :-)

    Needless to say you blew my mind once again. It can be hard to find a photographer who has the imagination and passion like you that shows in their work. Luckily for me I can say I found one….THE one!

    PS:I love you more!ReplyCancel

Its my favorite family back for their holiday session!  I have to tell ya I was so excited to get their call because they are such a fun family.  They wanted to do something fun and different for their shoot but were stumped as to what that was.   So I closed my eyes and thought, what makes this family happy?  The outdoors of coarse!  Nature, togetherness, relaxation, laughter is what this family is all about.  BAM!  Camping in Jammies…perfect! PINIT

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My favorite nephew just turned 2 years old! I can’t believe how much he has grown in one short year.   He’s a big boy now and I love him even more :) I didn’t have time to scout a cool location this time so we just found the closest park and plopped down in the middle of the grass.   I was worried they wouldn’t be the best but was pleasantly surprised.   Goes to show you the location isn’t as important as you think!PINIT


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